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Become a Registered Reseller
  And Receive Wholesale Prices & Benefits  

As it is known today's competitive market requires smarter marketing and smarter products, that is why we at Broadway Gold Center want to help you take advantage of our lower prices and web services.  This Page will explain the advantages and services we offer to Resellers.

Online Reseller Application

Price Advantage:   Receive Wholesale prices on a marginal basis

Level 1:

 $500-$1000 Monthly Purchase

Level 2:

 $1500 Minimum Monthly Purchase

Level 3: 

 $3500 and above Monthly Purchase

All Customers must apply and be approved for the selected customer level.

Price Level 1:   3% Discount
Price Level 2:  10% Discount
 Price Level 3:   15% Discount

Benefits:  Receive benefits according to your customer level

Sizing Tools
Level 1: 1 Yes No No No No
Level 2: 2 Yes 1 Per Month No No Yes
Level 3: 3 Yes 3 Per Month Yes Yes Yes

Benefit Descriptions:

Free Unmarked Catalogs: Our catalogs contain and display over 6,500 jewelry products, on 242 pages of full color high quality glossy paper, which are unmarked. What we mean by UNMARKED, is that our catalogs have not been marked with a name, address, or phone number to reveal their origin, which means that you can provide our catalogs to your customers without the worry of them finding your source of purchase.
Additional Catalogs:  Our catalogs are made of very high quality expensive paper and that is why  we sell them at our cost of 20$  per extra copy.

Free Repairs: All customers are eligible to receive free repairs for one as a part of our warranty statement, which means that we will not charge for labor and workmanship. 

Free Shipping: Select level 3 customers will receive free shipping on monthly orders equaling $4,000 or more.  Free Shipping also applies to certain custom orders. (please call for details)

Free WebSite:

Another option we offer our select customers is what we call the virtual catalog.  The Virtual Catalog allows us, to upon your request, setup a free website with your name and company logo so that you may direct your customers to a free online Digital Catalog.  This Virtual Catalog is very similar to the one we use on our site at  Using this service will not only allow your existing customers to see all your products but also the new customers youll be attracting via the internet.  The Online Catalog will allow your customers to browse over 6500 jewelry products, and as soon as they are ready to order they can call you directly by the phone number provided on the top of each displayed catalog page.  The Virtual Catalog we are offering costs thousands of dollars for any company to develop, but since we at Broadway Gold Center have taken the time and money to develop this catalog it would be our pleasure to let select customers, share in our investment and also make use of our web site and catalog.  (Call For More Details)

Free Sizing Tools:

Select Customers will have an opportunity to order 5 free ring or necklace sizing tools used to determine consumers size preferences.

Broadway Gold Center reserves the right to change or cancel any service or promotional offerings
 without  prior notice of any kind.

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